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12" Heavy duty rotary table


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For those more demanding circular cutting and positioning operations, Palmgren’s heavy duty series of rotary indexing tables are the right choice. These tables permit rapid positioning of work under the machine spindle or for inspection and layout applications.

  • Use in either the horizontal or vertical position
  • Low profile dimensions
  • The table top and the vertical and horizontal bases are ground for overall squareness
  • Gear drive is immersed in oil
  • Dual positive action locks
  • Hardened and ground worm gear
  • The work table is graduated a full 360° - One turn on the handle moves the table 4°
  • The micro collar is graduated in steps of 1 minute on the dial and 10 down to 10 seconds on the vernier scale
  • Flatness of clamping surface .0006" / Parallelism of clamping surface to base .0008" / Squareness of clamping surface to angle face .0008" / Squareness of clamping surface to center hole .0008"
Table Diameter 12 in
Height at 0 degrees 5.32 in
Base Size 15.27x12.99 in
Gear Ratio 90 to 1
Weight 155 lb
Center HoleMT-4
Max Load Horizontal 265 lb
Max Load Vertical 132 lb

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