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Band Saws

The best solution for fast and accurate cuts through a variety of materials. Loaded with quality features and constructed of heavy-duty, long-lasting materials, they deliver easy saw and workpiece positioning, ergonomic features, quick adjustment options, and powerful superior cuts every time.

  • Bench Top Band Saw: Lightweight, yet designed for large cutting capacity, accuracy, and speed with its integrated vise and adjustable locking miter head.
  • Horizontal Band Saw: Cast iron and rigid steel deliver deflection-free precision cuts. No belts to change and no wrenches needed to adjust angles.
  • Double Miter Band Saw: Make multiple-angle cutting fast and easy with an adjustable swivel and lock system, top-loading blades, and specially designed blade guides.
  • Horizontal Miter Band Saw: Flexibility and value for applications involving large workpieces or multiple-angle cuts. Ideal for short run-production work as well as shops that do considerable utility cutting.
  • Wood/Metal Vertical Band Saw: Specially designed to effectively cut wood, plastic, composite, ferrous and non-ferrous metal - and packed with specialized features.


Band Saws

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