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8" Horizontal/Vertical rotary table


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Palmgren’s rotary tables perform a variety of operations. They are very useful for cutting segments of circles, circular slots, cutting irregular-shaped slots as well as other similar operations. These tables permit accurate positioning of work under the machine spindle or for inspection and layout applications.

  • Use in either the vertical or horizontal position
  • The table top and the vertical and horizontal bases are ground for overall squareness
  • Precision ground table top to 0.001" total indicator reading
  • A 5/8" keyway and mounting lugs are provided on both the vertical and horizontal mounting surfaces
  • Smooth worm gear drive provides positive rotary feed
  • Balanced ball crank feed handle does not exceed below the base to eliminate interference with the machine table
  • Rotary dial is graduated in 3 minute increments and 1 minute increments on the vernier
Table Diameter 8 in
Height at 0 degrees 3- 7/8 in
Base Size 12x9- 1/2 in
Gear Ratio 40:1 in
Weight 44 lb

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