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8" x 27" CNC MILL 460V/3PH



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Palmgren Vertical Machining Centers are perfect for production lines, short runs, one-offs and prototyping due to their compact size. These machines provide an economical solution for machining small parts and are valuable for shops in need of a "second-op" machine, or additional spindle where needed. With their automatic tool changer, as well as, 8-tool magazine, these machines are the perfect solution for prototype or short run shops. The machines minimal footprint allows it to fit into small areas of a shop where a large machine simply could not go. Every Palmgren Machining Center is manufactured to assure that they meet the highest quality and accuracy standards. Their rigid construction allows for improved accuracy and repeat when machining. These machines are created with quality components, which leads to long-term reliability and precision. The brain that makes these machines run lies in the Siemens 808 control. With its easy to use and intuitive interface, this control is suited to meet the needs of any level operator.

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