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8.5" Bench Vise *New Line*


Built different than conventional style vises, the Palmgren combination bench and pipe vises houses a super strong power tunnel with straight-line pull that assures a lifetime spindle and nut never to wear out. A precision fit of the slide bar eliminates side play and jaw wobble even when clamping with the jaws wide open. The vise spindle and nut are totally enclosed in a square tube casting that protects them from dust, chips and moisture, keeping them lubricated for life. The body is heavier and made of 65,000 psi ductile alloy stress parts. They’re practically indestructible and are 70% stronger than the competitive u-shaped styles.

Comes with rubber handle for non slip tightening. Vise weighs 106 lbs

Model8.5" bench vise
Jaw Width 8.5 in
Jaw Opening 7 in
Throat Depth 3- 3/4 in
Pipe Jaw Capacities 1/4 - 3 - 1/2 in

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