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Palmgren 6-inch High Precision Extra Capacity Machine Vise


Dual Force Standard Machine Vises

Palmgren's Dual Force Precision Extra Capacity Machine Vises combine quality with high precision and are built for use on all types of CNC machines. These vises are perfect for large volume applications where multiple vises must be mounted next to one another.

  • Equipped with Dual Force anti-lift mechanism
  • Lead screw cover prevents premature wear from chip buildup
  • Hardened jaw plates
  • Hardened vise bed
  • Parallelism of vise base to bed of 0
  • Bed heights matched to +/- 0 0004"
  • Squareness from the bed to jaw face +/- 0006""
  • Parallelism of keyways on bottom of vise bed to the jaw face 0
  • 80,000 PSI stress relieved ductile iron castings
  • Extra wide opening to hold larger workpieces

Dual Force

Palmgren's Dual Force™ line of precision machine vises are all designed for precision part clamping and are ideal for use in running production parts where datum's, flatness and parallelism is key. The Dual Force™ Anti-Lift Mechanism design allows the moveable jaw to deliver a 1/2 pound of downward force for every pound of horizontal force, reducing jaw deflection up to 80% while producing "all directional alignment" of the moveable jaw. This unique design prevents parts from lifting upward under heavy clamping and machining loads. All Dual Force™ vises deliver workholding efficiencies by providing the strength and rigidity to hold parts securely and accurately.

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