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Palmgren 6-inch Tilting Machine Vise


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Palmgren's Dual Force Angle Machine Vises combine quality, high precision and wide clamping capacities at an affordable price. These vises are ideal for everyday use from high production environments to rapid prototyping machine shops. Vises can be angled up to 50 degrees and securely locked in place for rapid angular setups, without the use of blocks or wedges.

  • Equipped with Dual Force Anti-Lift Mechanism
  • Can tilt left or right up to 50° in 1° increments
  • Hardened jaw plates
  • Hardened vise bed
  • Parallelism of vise base to bed of 0 0004"
  • Squareness from the bed to jaw face 0 0006"
  • Parallelism of key ways on bottom of vise bed to the jaw face 0
  • Lead screw cover to prevent wear from chip build up
  • 80,000 PSI ductile iron castings prevent vise bending

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