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18" Dual Column Automatic Band Saw


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A true production saw designed for cutting a wide range of metals, built for high to extreme production needs that require high output and heavy duty performance. Palmgren's 12" automatic dual post production band saw offers extremely tight tolerances in both cutting repeatability and accuracy even at high cutting rates. The dual post design provides more rigidity, reduces vibration for higher cutting rates and delivers superior surface finish with increased blade life. Equipped with a hydraulic shuttle vise feed-system with split vises that clamps the workpiece securely on both sides of the blade, variable clamping pressure and touch screen multiple-job programming allows the operator to easily produce accurate cuts all day long.
  • Heavy duty cast iron and steel construction provides superior stiffness and vibration dampening
  • Advanced powertrain utilizes a precision gearbox with bronze worm gear and hardened and ground worm shaft, taper roller bearings operating in an oil bath delivering smooth, quiet positive SFPM to the blade
  • Cast iron idler and drive wheels
  • Fully automatic on demand hydraulic controls for the saw head, shuttle vise and split-jaw clamping vise
  • Three point clamping vise
  • Shuttle vise has a two-sided hydraulic system that allows it to clamp and feed irregular pieces without binding
  • Adjustable clamping pressure
  • Approach sensor reduces operation cycle time by allowing the saw head to approach the workpiece rapidly then slow to the chosen cutting rate just before the blade touches the workpiece
  • Hydraulic blade tension control provides for faster blade changes and ensures proper blade tension
  • Automatic shut off safety system that senses a broken or loose blade stopping the machine
  • Roller table with vertical & horizontal rollers that facilitates the holding and support of longer material allowing it to glide smoothly during the workpiece feeding process
  • Latest technology electronic variable speed inverter control provides a broad range of blade speeds designed to fit any sawing application
  • Control panel with monochrome touch screen is easy to program and operate and is conveniently located for easy accessibility and operator safety
  • Auto shut off at end of material or after preset number of cuts
  • Safety electrical panel with main disconnect, overload protection and low voltage at the switches
  • Flood coolant system with the coolant fed through the blade guides to maximize cooling and cleaning of chips from the blade
  • Blade brush to aid in the removal of chips from the blade
  • Adjustable ball bearing and tungsten carbide blade guides provide maximum support of the blade and ensure square accurate cuts
  • Chip conveyor automatically starts during the cutting cycle to efficiently remove and separate the chips from the coolant for convenient clean up and maintenance
  • Halogen work light

Phase3 PH
Cutting Capacity Rectangle18 x 20 in
Cutting Capacity Round18 in
Blade Length214-1/2 in
Blade Width1-9/16 in
Blade Thickness0.051 in
Main Motor7.5 HP
Hydraulic Motor2 HP
Hydraulic Tank16 Gallons
Coolant Motor1/4 HP
Coolant Tank Capacity28 Gallons
Allowable Loading Capacity7200 lbs.
Roller Stand Loading Capacity4000 lbs.
Bundle Cutting (W x H)8-12 in in
Cutting Amount Setting1-9999
Feeding Stroke20 in
Minimum Material4-3/4 in
Table Height34-1/2 in
Length 111 in
Width 90 in
Height 88 in
Weight 6666 lbs.

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