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6" Industrial style angle vise w/swivel base


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Handy robust angle vises are indispensable for work that requires demanding frequent angle set-ups for drilling operations, milling and grinding work

  • Angle hinge is graduated in 1° increments from 0 to 90°
  • Base and bed parallel to 0.004"
  • Jaw surface square to 0.002"
  • Made from 30,000 PSI tensile strength, fine grain cast iron
  • Hinge pin hole is precision drilled and reamed for smooth accurate angle settings, with no lateral end play
  • Angle vise can be used with or without the swivel base
  • Angle vise without the swivel base has two 5/8" mounting lugs located on the front and back end of the vise for easy mounting
  • The swivel base provides complete 360° calibrated rotation
  • The swivel base has 5/8" keyway and two 5/8" bolt slots for locating and mounting on the machine table
Jaw Width 6 in
Jaw Opening 7 in
Throat Depth 2 in
Jaw Deflection.004@4000lbs.

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